Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I voted early

I voted early, which wasn't nearly as amazing as the fact that I even voted at all.

It was my second time.

In my whole life.

My sons have voted more times than I have.

This was my daughter's second time to vote too, but she's only been eligible to vote twice, so she's batting 1,000.

I could've voted for Reagan back in 1980. He seemed like a good enough guy, but it was my first year of college, and, well, it was my first year of college.

I probably would've voted for Reagan in '84, even though Geraldine Ferraro was making history as the first woman vice president nominee, but I had just graduated college, was heavy into my first job, and, well, I was so apathetic about the whole process, I was too apathetic to even think I was apathetic.

I definitely would have voted for Bush 41 in 1988 because Dukakis looked plain silly trying to command a tank. I was in the Air Force at the time and glad to serve under Bush. The mission was straightforward -- kick the Iraqis out of Kuwait. We did, and that was that.

I would've voted for Clinton in 1992 just because he could play the saxophone, but I was just out of the military and didn't really care. Anybody was okay just as long as it wasn't Ross Perot.

I thought about voting for Clinton in 1996, but blah, blah, blah.

I wanted Al Gore to win in 2000, but I guess not enough to go vote. Sometimes I wonder if I HAD voted for him, would that have made the difference? Would we not have gone back to Iraq? Would thousands of American soldiers still be alive today? Would we be doing serious battle against global warming?

Silly, I know. But....

Being a Texan in 2004, there's no way my vote would have kept Bush 43 out of office. So why vote?

I voted for Obama in 2008. Texas didn't swing his way, but I voted anyways.

I would've voted for Obama in 2012, but I didn't. Don't remember why I didn't go vote. Laziness? Probably.

So, that brings us back to 2016.

Not only did I vote, but I voted early!

And just between you and me, I voted for the winner.

Not the whiner.

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