Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lessons Learned

To be perfectly honest with you, I was texting and driving. I know, it’s a stupid thing to do, but I just couldn’t help myself.

The wife? Sure, she was in the passenger’s seat, reading a post or answering a text, but she wasn’t watching. So I slipped my phone out of my pocket, held it below the steering wheel, and didn’t see the road sign until it was too late.

“Beware: Loose Gravity.”

I’m really not a bad driver. I usually keep my eyes on the road, keep my distance from the car in front of me, slow down when it’s raining; but I felt my phone vibrate and couldn’t stand the thought of not knowing who it was or what they wanted me to know right that very instant.

It could’ve been my mother, texting me to say she’d fallen down again, but paramedics were on the way, “so don’t you worry your heart about me at all. I know you’re busy.”

It could’ve been one of my kids sending me a message about needing money to pay the rent, or, “Dad, I’m in jail, but I didn’t do it this time. Can you make bail?”

I just had to know.

Luckily, I was going full speed when I hit the loose gravity. We fishtailed a bit, but because of our momentum, we were only lifted off the pavement about two meters. We slammed down hard on the other side, though. The air bags popped on us, the car broke an axel, and my wife started screaming bloody murder wondering what’d just happened.

“You were texting, weren’t you? How could you? What would’ve happened to us if you’d been going slower and we actually got caught in all that loose gravity? Worse yet, what if you’d driven us smack into a black hole? You know how bad these roads are. Did you even think about that?”

Like I said, it was a stupid thing for me to do, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Never text and drive while my wife is in the car.

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