Thursday, August 10, 2017

How I spent my Summer Vacation

How did I spend my summer vacation?


If sitting is the new cancer, I have three weeks left to live.

While I sat, I tried to learn French.

I watched all the French movies on Netflix, I followed French speakers on Twitter, I logged onto YouTube and watched French tutorials, and I read French news on French-speaking news sites.

I can't speak French.

After about a month of sitting, I decided to mow the yard -- sitting on a riding lawnmower.

I did pull some weeds and chop down some brush, but I doubt any of that extended my life one iota.

For some reason I came up with the notion to do a Triathlon.

I try never to run anywhere.

I haven't swam in about 30 years, but I'm sure it's just like riding a bike. Not mine. It's covered in cobwebs.

In a burst of enthusiasm and self determination, I bought a pair of running shoes and have started running around the block. Well, mostly walking. I run when the mood strikes.

I'm almost never in the mood.

The Triathlon is in April.

I'll probably be dead before then.

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