Monday, December 11, 2017

Don't just sit, learn to knit

Adventures come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are short and slow, others long and fast. Some go around the world, and some stay right at home with a pair of sticks and some string trying to make useful stuff.

Ok. Yes. I'm learning to knit. So what. It's my adventure.

And as a beginner, here's the first thing I completed:

Knitted Cat Barf

Knitted Cat Barf.

Throw it down on the floor and watch the missus kick her favorite feline right out the door.

(It happened like this: I was navigating my way around knittery and accidentally dropped this abomination on the living room floor. Later that night, my wife came across it and her first thought was the cat had barfed up on the carpet again. Boy, was she surprised when she took a closer look. We both shared a good chuckle.)

That's right! KNITTED CAT BARF. Order yours today and I'm pert near positive it will get to your house sometime before it's supposed to.

The next thing I created will be useful on Talk Like A Pirate Day:

Knitted Pirate Eye Patch

Knitted Pirate Eye Patch.

All the cool kids are shunning them for some reason.

Anyway, those are my introductory knitting pieces. And who knows? Maybe I'll keep at it and make MORE useful stuff.

Anything's possible.

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