Friday, August 10, 2018

Another school year begins...

... but without me!

I've been a newspaper reporter / photographer / columnist going on four months now -- and it suits me fine.

I've got more deadlines to meet than ever before, but I can go pee whenever I want to.

I haven't had a single day that was just like any other. And if I want to have a beer for lunch, I order a beer.

Screaming kids? Haven't heard a single one.

Papers to grade? Nada.

Cafeteria or hallway duty? Are you kidding me?

Sure, not everything is rosy. But that's life. C'est la vie.

The other morning I went out to the football field to take photos of the marching band participating in their annual summer band camp. I got kind of hot and sweaty. So....

I headed to the gym and went for a swim.

And today, I took my daughter to lunch. Afterward, she bought us snow cones for desert.

Life is good.

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