Saturday, August 4, 2018

It's just your point of view

I didn't mow the yard last Saturday. I didn't even think about it. Trim the hedges, water the fescue? They weren't on my list to do. And I didn’t watch “the game” either. I don't know which game I didn't watch, but I'm sure it was a doozy on someone's television, just not on mine. It wasn't even on in the back of my mind.

Iwent to Dallas with my wife; everything else I declined.

I could have gone to the hardware store just to piddle around, I guess. Pick up this or that; lug it home, find out that it's two inches too small, and return it. But I didn't. I would have though, because it's a shame to waste money, even if it costs just a dime or two. But all my pennies were in their proper places.

We took a tour bus with friends all wearing smiles on their faces.

I was the only guy on board, if you don't count Terry the bus driver and Dan who was in charge of the trip. Me and lots of women dressed to the nines, but do you think I cared? Not one little bit of Saturday chores undone could ruin my day. Grocery shopping? I'll take care of that tomorrow. Wash and wax the car? I'll take care of that next week.

We were all eager to see "Love Never Dies," a summer musical sung in English.

"Well, it's Greek to me," I hear you say under your ball cap while you're sweating in the front yard, pulling weeds in the summer sun. "And it's probably all about 'Love' and only a bit about 'Dying,' and I'd much rather step on a nail than go, or spend a night in jail. You know?"

"And it's got that opera singing I just can't stand," someone pipes up to be heard over the cacophony of the third beer commercial in a row. "And if you can't understand a word they're singing, what's the point of going in the first place? Hey, the game's back on. Move your face."

I see your point. Yes I do. But isn't it necessary to sometimes alter your view?

You go watch a musical. She joins you at a monster truck rally. Together you agree: avant-garde belly dancing just ain't your cup of tea. Maybe you take up knitting. Maybe she volunteers to skin a squirrel. It's possible, you have to allow. Don't roll your eyes like that. I ain't talking highbrow. There's nothing wrong with baseball, crocheting, soccer, fine art or ballet; reading a book or listening to Mozart. Watching "Sons of Anarchy" or "Places in the Heart."

So yes, you could change your oil today, fix a faucet or chop up some wood. But instead, why not just change your perspective. Who knows? It might do you some good.

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