Monday, December 21, 2009

Project Fishing Lure

REVISED POST: 5 Feb 2010 -- Hey, I started a new site called, "Sounds Like a Fish Story To Me." I hope you like it!
All I really want for Christmas is a fishing lure. It's very possible you already know that. But what you DON'T know is I plan on starting a collection of lures, one from every state in the union.

But there's a catch. I don't want to travel to every state just to buy a lure. Instead, I want people to SEND me lures. Old, beat up, never used, sad lures that are just cluttering up the tackle box.

Think of it as stamp collecting, but with Crankbaits and Rattletraps.

Not only that, but if the "sender" could write down what the lure is used for, how to use it, or maybe even the history of that specific lure, I'll put it all together on a website, with pictures, footnotes and a lot of whatnots, and boy won't THAT be exciting reading!

So, friends and neighbors, if you know of somebody who lives outside of Texas and is willing to ship a lure-poor angler a lure for this collection, feel free to put in a good word for me and ask them to start digging in their tackle box.

Except for postage, I'm not asking anyone to spend a thing on these lures. What fun would it be to get a new lure from a South Dakota Wal-Mart?

I'm going to rent a post office box this next week, just for mailed lures, and when I have the address, I'll let you know. Until then, Happy Fishing!

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