Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ice Capades

Ice Capades

The three goat things I need to get done today:

1. Go outside and make sure my goats aren't goatcicles. It was well below freezing last night; we had the faucets dripping so as to avoid any busted pipes; and sometimes my goats don't take advantage of their nice, warm goat shed like they're supposed to.

2. If the goats are still alive, give them some nice, fresh water. Yesterday, their water was frozen solid, and a goat without water is a pitiful sight to see, let me tell ya!

3. If the goats are not with the living anymore, head out to the pet shop and buy some low-maintenance fish. Fish never scream and holler for food, and they never try to escape!

And what has all of this to do with my "Ice Capades" photo? Absolutely nothing. I thought the windshield of my car looked interesting, and when it warms up, the "show" will be melted and gone.

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