Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taylor Mali -- Miracle Worker

Before Sunday, I'd never heard of Taylor Mali. Before today, YOU'VE probably never heard of Taylor Mali.

But let's change that -- right here, right now!

Taylor Mali is a poet. Yes, I said poet. But he's not one of THOSE kind of poets -- the ones who write for Hallmark:

"Roses are Red, I'm in Town, If you dress like Madonna, I'll come as a Clown!"

And he's not one of those self-absorbed poets who string along a bunch of meaningless meanings in the hope that you'll see how meaningful his poetry might be if you were smart enough:

"I am, and nobody saw, but by the moonlight, when you gasped, and realized who I really was meant to be, I was adorned with nothing, except the feeling of finally being masculine, but in a feminine kind of way."


Taylor Mali is a poet for us regular guys. I like him. And I hope you like him, too.

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