Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Open Letter To My F-100

Dear Truck,

I said some nasty things about you Tuesday. I probably used some colorful language while I was underneath you, yanking out your starter. I may have even suggested some extreme measures for "taking you out." But I didn't mean it. Really.

Okay, at the TIME I meant it, but you've got to understand -- you're old, you're cranky, your transmission's almost shot, your wipers sometimes don't work, there's a short in your tail lights, and you wouldn't start like you were supposed to. I was upset. The starter was supposed to fix everything, but it didn't. Can you really blame me for using those kind of words and wishing I had a few handy sticks of dynamite?

The good thing is, everything's better now. I gave you a new solenoid, and you cranked right up. Bravo! And please give me an encore the next time I really need you -- like tomorrow!

What? Yes, I trust you. Yes, I know you'll do your best. But your best hasn't been so "best" in awhile. Maybe tomorrow will be the start of a brand new day; a new era of being out on the road and not stuck beside it. Maybe tomorrow you and I will begin a new story; turn the page on another chapter and begin our lives fresh and new and raring to tackle what lies ahead! Maybe...

Oh, sorry. Yes, I sometimes ramble. I'll stop now.

So, will you forgive me for what I said Tuesday?

I loves ya!

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