Saturday, April 10, 2010

Palin has Obama on the ropes

Kick Boxing...
Great job, Sarah Palin, on bruising up the President like you did over his new nuclear defense policy. You really jabbed him in the kisser, yes you did.

I mean, what gives Mr. Obama the right to sign a nuclear reduction treaty with Russia anyways? Shouldn't we be thinking the more nukes the merrier? And then he declares that America won't use the ones we DO have against a non-nuclear state that tries to attack us. And what did you say -- "No administration in America's history would, I think, ever have considered such a step that we just found out President Obama is supporting today"?

Oh, so right. Washington didn't pussyfoot around about nukes. Lincoln didn't shy away from H-bombs. Jefferson had the button right under his thumb most of his years in office. And now look at Obama. He goes out and declares that the world should be free of nuclear weapons, and that if any non-nuclear country attacks us with chemicals, we'll retaliate, but with conventional weapons -- not nukes.

Stonewall Jackson is probably turning over in his grave.

And like you said, how does being a community organizer give him more experience about nuclear weapons than you? Has he ever been out in the woods with a big gun, shooting elk and moose? I doubt he even knows what a really big gun looks like.

Now that you've got Mr. President on the ropes with your down-home repartee, here are some of my suggestions on even more witty remarks you can use against him to continue the thrashing:

Here's what you could say on health care: "Oh, sure, the government is going to take a more active roll in health care, but how is that going to feed the starving children in China?"

Here's what you could say on global warming: "Global warming is a myth, perpetuated by liberals like yourself who believe pollution is causing the Earth to heat up, when we all know that the SUN causes the Earth to heat up."

Here's what you could say on energy: "Are you seriously going to open up more drilling off the coast of Virginia and not Alaska? Hello? I think we have more experience cleaning up oil spills than Virginia has. Valdez? Remember?"

And here's what you could say on running for office: "You may have the office now, but I've got bumper stickers that wow the crowd, and they stick real good on bumpers."

Yes, Sarah Palin, use these "comebacks" along with any you come up with and there will be no doubt who the next president will be.

Keep up the good work!

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