Monday, June 21, 2010

Subscribe to my newsletter, View From the Porch

Okay, I've been putting out a newsletter for quite some time now, and to be honest, I've only had a lackluster response to it. I've got a few subscribers, they are very loyal, but it's only a few -- and I want more!

So I've changed the format of my newsletter and I really want you to see it!

View From the Porch (that's what I'm calling it these days) is a more down-home look at world events, designed to feel like you're sitting on the porch with your buds, just shooting the ... breeze. Nothing is off limits -- politics, religion, sports, beer, motorcycles, biker babes. You name it, I'll probably be writing about it.

But the best part is this: The stories that you'll read in my newsletter will NEVER appear on my website. I consider them my gift to you for being a loyal subscriber. All those non-subscribers -- those non-believers -- will just miss out on all the fun.

Here's the bottom line: I don't want to be Brad Pitt. I just want a million subscribers to View From the Porch. Will you subscribe?

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