Monday, July 5, 2010

There are vuvuzelas in the house!

With all this talk about vuvuzelas at The World Cup, I just had to order me a couple.

According to Wikipedia, the fount of all knowledge, vuvuzelas are "plastic blowing horns that produce a loud, distinctive monotone note. Traditionally made and inspired from a kudu horn, the vuvuzela was used to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. The vuvuzela is most used at soccer matches in South Africa, and it has become a symbol of South African soccer as the stadiums are filled with its loud and raucous sound that reflects the exhilaration of supporters."

Here's a little poem I wrote about

The Vuvuzela

A vuvuzela is a horn that soccer fans do play,
To make a lot of racket so the ball will go their way,
And if the other soccer team is driving to a score
A thousand rabid soccer fans will blow them even more.
The sound of vuvuzelas really cannot be ignored.

It has a sound like charging rhinos heading for a lake,
Or a hundred thousand elephants, of that there’s no mistake.
Just one will drive you crazy, and two quite mad insane,
A hundred vuvuzelas blown at once is inhumane!
Compared to vuvuzelas 60 hippos sound quite tame.

But vuvuzela players seem to like the hellish din,
They sway and dance and prance around to everyone’s chagrin.
They blow and blow with all their might ‘til they can blow no more,
Until they get their second wind, and then let out a roar.
Their sound is so much greater than your daddy when he snores.

I saw a vuvuzela being played last Tuesday night,
The vuvuzela player played with pleasure and delight.
I said, “You look so happy playing vuvuzela sounds."
He said, “It is the best noisemaker anywhere around.
A vuvuzela can be heard from anywhere in town.”

So, I went out a bought some vuvuzelas, yes I did.
A red one just for me, and some blue ones for my kids,
And when we get real good we’ll start a vuvuzela band,
And blast those things across the state and all throughout the land.
Don’t you think a vuvuzela concert would be grand?

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