Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quit Your Job The Steven Slater Way

Are you tired of your job and ready to chuck it in for something better?

Did the boss make you angry yesterday and now you're ready to blow off steam in his direction?

A typical nuclear bomb being tested
Was a customer so rude to you that your first thought was murder but you decided against it because of too many witnesses?

Then you need to quit your job the Steven Slater Way!

Steven Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant who was having passenger problems, cussed out said passenger over the intercom, said he had "had enough," grabbed a beer and exited his plane down the emergency slide, and is now a folk hero.

So what are you waiting for? Go Steven Slater on somebody!

For a principal who tries to break up an argument between teachers and then gets cussed out in front of students -- "Get on intercom, cuss teacher, cuss administration, grab a carton of milk, pull firealarm, then go home and watch Oprah."

For a postmaster who gets hit in the head by an envelope thrown by a customer -- "Cuss out customer, send everybody's mail to Greenland, highjack a FedEx truck to Florida, spend the day at Disney World."

For a DFW air traffic controller who is rudely talked to by an incoming pilot -- "Cuss out pilot, vector pilot to anywhere out of his fuel range, put all aircraft in a holding pattern, grab a bottle of rum and head to Six Flags, ride The Mini Mine Train until you throw up on all the little kids."

For a doctor who gets cussed at and pushed by an angry patient -- "Cuss out patient, tell him he's having a heart attack, shock him with a defibrillator, cuss out nurses for trying to stop you, grab a bottle of vicodin with extra hydrocodone, watch the pretty colors from the back seat of your BMW."

It's the Steven Slater Way! It's retro revenge! It's what you would have done in high school! It's how all the "cool kids" are handling their problems these days!

So get to it! Put on your "Steven Slater" and go for the meltdown!

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