Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series, Game One

Game One of the World Series and I'm at home without a television.

When analog TV went digital, I was one of the millions of folks that was left without a signal. I tried the converter boxes, but because of where I live, it didn't work. Cable wasn't an option because it isn't available out in the boonies, and I didn't feel like paying for satellite, especially when I USED to get TV reception for free.

But now I'm thinking satellite TV might be worth the money.

I asked my wife this morning if she thought Dish Network could have us up and running before the game started if I called them before noon, and she just laughed. I mean, she laughed hard.

Anyways, thanks to Internet Radio, I'm kicked back, plugged in, and ready for the game. The only thing I'll miss is instant replay and having a stranger spill beer on me.

Ya gotta love baseball!

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