Monday, November 1, 2010

The Rangers need a little help

Dear MLB Fairy Godmother,

I know I'm a bit late in asking this, but if you could look down upon the Texas Rangers tonight and give them a little extra boost, I and a lot of other Ranger fans would greatly appreciate it.

I guess you could say they're in need of a little good pitching. Okay, maybe a lot. But that's not all. I think they could use some magical bats that are not shy about slamming the skin off those balls.

And then maybe the Rangers need a bit of offense -- or maybe defense -- I always get those two confused.

They have a great ballpark, they have a great manager, Nolan Ryan is in their corner, the fans haven't quite given up on them yet, but I think I little bit of pixie, not pixie dust. Maybe just a wave of your magical, forget the wand.

Hell, they just need a bit of oomph, pizzazz, zing, zest and a whole lot of other words that mean exactly the same thing.

So, if you don't mind and can spare a few minutes, could you do your magic on the Rangers? We'd be forever in your debt.


Tracy Farr, I'm Just a Guy

(yep, that should do it!)

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