Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I spent my Summer Vacation

You would be an idiot if you had the opportunity to get away from the oppressive summertime Texas heat and didn’t take it. And seeing that I’m pert near no idiot, I did.

I’ve been going up to Colorado, specifically the Wolf Creek Pass area, with my family since the late 60s. We built a cabin there in 1971 (“We” being parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We kids just played in the meadow and went trout fishing), and it’s been a summer tradition ever since.

When I married my wife, the cabin was where we spent our honeymoon.

The Cabin

As we got older, other priorities seemed to always get in the way of me taking my family up there to relax and enjoy the scenery, but not this year. We all trekked up there to the cabin (except for our oldest son, he had to work), and these are some of the places we went.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

If you're standing at the top of Wolf Creek Pass and look west, these are the mountains you'll see:

Snow, Snow on the Range

And if you decide to straddle the Continental Divide then play in the snow, there's plenty enough snow (even in early June) for everybody:

The Big Snow

On the west side of The Pass, you can turn off at The Overlook and see this view that I guarantee hasn't changed in years -- except for the young man out on the ledge. The last time HE was here, he was in diapers:

Overlooking the Overlook

This year we tried something different. We hiked a few mountain trails. This one led us up the side of a mountain...

The Trailhead

... and this one led us around Big Meadows Reservoir:

We're following the leader, the leader...

Hiking will be on our agenda for sure in all future trips to Colorado.

If you would like to see a few more of my Colorado trip photographs, just head over to my Flickr account.

I'll end this post with some flowers, and hope you too have a grande Summer vacation.


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