Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Six Words of Wisdom for College-Bound Kids

My two sons are heading back to college after a summer break, and I made sure they heard these six fatherly words of wisdom:

1. Study hard, get good grades, pass your classes, and drink your fair share of beer, but don’t overdo it – the beer drinking, that is.

2. Don’t get some pretty little girl pregnant until you’ve conquered the world and have sent me a postcard proving it.

3. Brush your teeth before going to class. That’s a request from your mother.

4. Don’t spend all your time studying. Get out and meet people, do things, go places, and if you’re heading to the beach for spring break, send me some pictures (you know what of).

5. Fry yourself an egg every now and then to keep your breakfast-cooking skills sharp. You’re a Farr. You have breakfast-making standards to uphold.

6. Graduate as soon as you can. Your mother and I want to go on a cruise.

Yep, I think that just about covers everything.

My boys, before they grew up.

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