Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Industrious Gary Trundle

By Tracy D. Farr

Little Gary Trundle loves to stay indoors all day.
He doesn't like to play outside, instead he’d rather laze upon the
couch and watch his TV shows and eat and eat and eat.
Little Gary's never been petite.

On Thursday, Gary’s mother said, “Now you go out and play.
Go ride a bike, go walk the dog, do something except laze around the
house all day.” And Gary did. He went right out the door,
and headed to the woodshed to explore.

Gary found a hammer and some nails and lots of wood.
He had a grand idea and he was pretty sure he could be finished
in a day or two of working morning, noon and night.
Little Gary toiled with all his might.

He cut the wood, he nailed the nails, he measured once then twice.
He sanded all the rough parts till the wood was smooth and nice just like a
carpenter would do, and then he brought out brush and paint.
He splattered blues and reds without restraint.

Gary soon was finished and his project was complete.
An ultra secret clubhouse with a couch and old TV that he turns
on and watches when his mother sends him out to play.
And that’s how Gary Trundle spends his day.

And on the door he hung a painted sign that does convey:
“Girls and Moms not wanted. STAY AWAY.”

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