Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Invitation to Dine

And here's another little poem in honor of Scary Poetry Month 2011:

An Invitation to Dine

by Tracy Farr

I really don’t know why I have a vulture on my shoulder.
Maybe it’s a little crazy, maybe it’s a little bolder
than the other birds I see; they’re all just circling ‘round my head.
Or could it be it thinks that I am dead?

And now that ugly creature’s poking holes into my cheek
as if it’s digging for some uncooked treat that it can’t wait to eat.
Is it searching for a maggot or a black and bloated tongue?
Answers to these questions, I have none.

A hundred hungry vultures now have landed on the ground.
I see them creep toward me without warning, without sound
the sky goes black and red, and I no longer care for earthly things.
My everlasting soul has taken wing.

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