Thursday, October 13, 2011


A sonnet by Tracy Farr

In the light of the moon I see a girl.
It’s Elaina, my love from long ago.
She’s rising from a mist that doesn’t stir.
Where she comes from, I do not want to know.
Her lips are stained a rosy shade of dead.
Her cheeks, no longer pink, are moonlit white.
Her raven hair streaks outward from her head.
Her once green eyes are blacker than the night.
With no sound she screams at me a question,
“Why did you have to leave me there to die?”
Speechless, I recall my indiscretion.
Oh selfish, careless, heartless youth was I.
She’s come to take me; where, I do not know.
Likely, to places I’d rather not go.


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