Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lady of Gallifrey

I only knew her as the Lady of Gallifrey,
Of which state, or continent, I hadn’t a clue.
It never appeared in the almanacs I knew,
But she called it home, and no more would she say.

She had a travelers look to her, tall and in charge
Like she knew where she was every moment in time,
And enjoyed her existence like a child would, sublime,
Marveling at everything, whether small or quite large.

On the outside she appeared as you and I would,
Except for the chopsticks she wore in her hair.
She had a large gait and an all-knowing stare,
And was always in motion, she hardly just stood.

So gentle and kind, brilliant and wise,
Fair play and dignity were rules not to break.
Her love for mankind she would never forsake
And preferring adventure was no big surprise.

But inside was different, much bigger, like a storm
That is lying in wait behind a pair of green eyes,
And if you dared cross her with violence and lies
She’d unleash a maelstrom even hell couldn’t form.

I’ve seen her cast demons from Earth to the stars,
I’ve seen her stop time with a flick of a hand
Then rewrite the heavens to obey her commands
But always the lady, never going too far.

And then she’d depart to a new time or place,
Leaving behind those of us who just met her,
Whoosh, she was gone, off on some new adventure,
Whoosh, she was gone, without leaving a trace.

Yes, I only knew her as the Lady of Gallifrey
I met her just once in my life long ago
And we’ll meet again someday, that I do know,
But when, is too hard for me exactly to say.

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