Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Just Love a Parade

Cloud Parade

There were ducks, three elephants,
and a marching band playing Sousa,
followed by dancing girls in white dresses
and cowboys on tall horses.
The mayor floated by
wearing his top hat and spats,
the Grand Marshal of it all,
and looking quite dapper, if I do say so.
And then 30 motorcyclists
dressed in leather and dark glasses,
revved silent engines at the crowd
and gave candy to the children.
I'm pretty sure I saw Snoopy
flying loops on his doghouse,
but it might have been my imagination
or just wishful thinking, I'm not sure.
And from out of the sky blue
three puffy clowns entertained us,
doing cartwheels and pratfalls
and other silly things like that.
I saw lions, and alligators
and goats pulling chariots
for happy people lined on Main Street
who came to watch and be amazed.
The parade came and went
like cotton candy in my mouth,
but I stayed to the very end,
and saw more than I ever dreamed possible.

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