Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday at the Dallas Museum of Art

When your child says, "Dad, can we go to the museum?", you would be an idiot father if you didn't drop everything you're doing, take a shower, put on your sneakers, and head to town.

That's what my daughter and I did today. Took the train into Dallas to visit the Dallas Museum of Art.

Saw some statues, saw some paintings, ate lunch in the cafe, and basically had a great time. And that's all because I'm not an idiot father.

An idiot father would say, "I'm too tired," or "Maybe tomorrow," or "Can't you see I'm mowing the lawn? What do ya think I'm made of, money?"

A NON-idiot father, like myself, would look up information on how to get there, the museum hours, and how much it costs, which is FREE, which is even MORE reason to hit the trail to Big D.

I try very hard not to be an idiot father.

Sometimes I fail.

But not today.

Saturday at the Museum

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