Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 Friday

A Green Something

I have no idea what kind of plant/flower/weed this is, but here are 5 Random Facts I DO know:

1. Sometimes I have to mow.

Mostly when my wife or neighbors complain.

2. Mowing gives me time to think, to contemplate the universe.

3. I think about how much I hate driving in circles cutting grass.

4. Sometimes I come across a flower or weed that I think is just too interesting to mow, and I stop to take a photo of it.

5. Once I stop, I stop for good.

You can find a lot more RANDOM 5-ness at A Rural Journal.


  1. Years ago I told my husband I would like to have the job of mowing the lawn. The first time out a snake whizzed by me and that was the end of my mowing. My husband knew it wouldn't last but he does always humor me.

  2. Funny random facts and I love your illustrations! Thanks so much for joining in this week Tracy.

  3. I have cut grass in the past however when the circles over lapped I was fired, that was okay with me. This is a handsome weed and fine photo.

  4. I love the weed, no idea what it is. I leave weeds that are pretty, and my husband points them out to me. Lol. On the other hand, i've been known to pull out 'good' plants. Lol

  5. I don't know what that weed is either, but it's rather interesting and so is your blog. This is my first time visiting but I popped around and read several of your posts. Fun stuff.

  6. my father was very particular about how i would mow as a kid. never the way each week. we had a big yard & used a riding mower ... i love it when Dad was not around because i could do it the way i pleased. ( :

  7. Funny -- your post made me laugh! The photo is beautiful, too. Glad you stopped to capture it!