Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey, I wrote a book!

It's been six years since I wrote "Never Trust a Goat."

So, not having much to do the other day, I thought I'd put together a new one.

It's called "Porch Poems."

It's just a little thing. A few of my better poems, put together in a fashion that sortof resembles a poetry book, uploaded to an e-publishing site to sit there and rest until YOU go and download it and come to the conclusion, "He calls this a book? Shoot, I could've written something just like it, but better."

And it isn't angst-filled poetry, either.

It's fun poetry. Poetry you don't have to think hard about.

Poetry that's just right for reading on the porch.

Whereas the Goat book was free, "Porch Poems" is gonna cost ya.

Ninety-nine cents.

Heck, that's a little less than what a cherry limeade costs.

And once you're finished drinking it, it's gone for good.

Until you have to wee.

Download "Porch Poems" for a wee .99 cents, and you can keep it forever.

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