Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My DFW photo safari

It doesn't take a whole lot of money to go on a photo safari.

And you don't have to venture into the wilds of Africa to do it, either.

All it takes is a camera, a destination, a bit of patience, and some Coke money (You get awfully thirsty out there in the almost-wilderness).

Sometimes I just sit on the porch and let the "wildlife" (bugs, birds and whatnot) come to me, but this past week, the family and I ventured west to Dallas and Ft. Worth looking for a close-to-home vacation, and I came back with some decent photographs.

Well, at least I think so.

"58" at the Dallas Museum of Art. Don't exactly know what it represents, but it sure was interesting.

58 at the DMA

Bumble Bee at the Trinity River Audubon Center. We'll be heading back when it's cooler because there's lots of trails left to explore.

At the Trinity River Audubon Center

Macaws at the Ft. Worth Zoo. I've never seen a sad-looking macaw. Have you?

A Day at the Zoo

"Looking For My Zen" at the Ft. Worth Japanese Gardens. If you've lost your zen, you can no doubt find it here.

Fort Worth Zen

And "Girl Walking Through Garden" also at the Japanese Gardens. It's amazing what a little Photoshop can do.

Girl In Garden

And there you have it.

Maybe YOU need to go on a photo safari!

It'll do you good.

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