Saturday, October 18, 2014

My kind of poem

I am no poet.

A poet is somebody who delves deeply within their psyche and writes about universal thoughts and emotions that may or may not strike a nerve with their readers, but they don't care if it does or doesn't because they're writing only for themselves in the hopes of making sense out of this curious thing we call life.

I don't delve into my psyche. It's too messy.

My Kind of Poem

I don't mind
reading poetry that don't rhyme
as long as it includes
a motorbike,
or traveling through time.
But I don't much cotton
to rotten poems about
begotten lovers,
or feelings
written in such a way
that makes me want to
puke up
what I ate for breakfast;
puke it up right down
on my freshly mopped floor.
Poems about vomit I can handle.
Poems about emotions I abhor.

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