Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To be honest with you...

... I'm usually not.

I can make it "appear" as if I'm on the top of the world, but we both know I'm not, because neither are you.

And you're trying to create the same illusion as well.

"Howdy, how's it going?"
"Just fine, and you?"
"I'm having a glorious day!"

Rubbish. Hogwash. Lie to me one more time and I'll call you out and we'll stand in the middle of the dirt street and shoot stories at each other.

At high noon, bucko!

We lie because we think nobody really wants to hear our sad tales. Either that or we're too scared of the insecurity that comes with opening ourselves up to another human soul.

And it's embarrassing to admit that not everything is hunky-dory.

Well, here's the truth of it all: We're all broken, we all hurt, and we all need each other if we're going to survive.

So here's what I'm suggesting -- Stop thinking only about YOUR hurts. Think about how to make others feel better.

A smile works wonders.

How about a Howdy every now and then?

Handshakes, pats on the back, hugs, high fives, compliments.

They all work miracles and cost so very little.

(But don't try to kiss someone. They may not be as progressive as you.)

And maybe, just maybe, by helping others we'll help ourselves.

At least it's worth a try.

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