Friday, August 28, 2015

Time-lapsed cooking

I cooked an egg inside a hollowed-out bun the other day.

Dribbled butter in the bun, filled the bottom with cheese and mushrooms and onions and spinach, cracked the eggs over the top then covered the outside with foil and cooked it.

It looked so easy and eatable in the time-lapsed video recipe that only lasted for a minute or two, but when I went to cook it, the minute or two dragged on and on and on, and by the time it was done, I was too tired to eat it, but did anyways, and it was good.

Eggs are supposed to be a quick meal.

Plop them in the skillet, flip them over, or don't, then devour with grits and toast or waffles drowned in butter and maple syrup, then wash the whole thing down with a steaming cup of java.

Five minutes from the cooking to the eating to the washing up.

But this egg in a bun thing took forever to cook.

Life's too short for a 3-epoch egg.