Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to extend your summer vacation

I'm lucky. I'm a teacher and I get the whole summer off. Eight weeks of practically doing nothing except for whatever my wife wants me to do.

(She has to work, which makes me feel a little guilty to be lying on the couch as she heads off to her 9 to 5 -- but only a little guilty.)

Many people are not as fortunate as I. They get two weeks off, try to cram in as much going and doing as they can, wrap up their vacation on a Friday night before heading back to work on Monday morning, and then spend the rest of the year thinking, "Where did the time go?" and "Teachers suck."

Whether or not you have two weeks or eight weeks vacation, we all want a little bit more.

A couple of days will do fine.

Maybe a week.

But since you don't get a few extra days or a week off, let me give you some advice for making next year's summer vacation seem to last forever:

Don't do anything. Don't go anywhere.

Stay at home and just watch the clock.

Your summer will drag by so slow you'll be DYING to get back to work.

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