Monday, January 1, 2018

The first post of 2018

No resolutions.
No plans or schemes.
This year will be unlike any other.
No illusions or dreams,

but maybe I'll run a bit,
or maybe I'll knit;
I might even change jobs
or flitter and flit

from one day to the next
not caring of direction,
just go where the wind blows.
But then on reflection,

I have a few goals,
a few lofty desires,
and if I'm real lucky
a few might transpire,

but with my luck they'll come crashing down
just like past resolutions.

So, maybe I'll just wait
and see how it all comes out;
no rhyme, no reason,
nothing to write home about.

And that is my first post,
the first of the year.
Sort of melancholy, I know,
but I thought I'd try to be a bit more sincere this year.

At least for today.

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