My Doctor's Bedside Financial Management Plan

Back in the old days, if you paid your doctor with a chicken he'd be mighty grateful.

Today, you'd be plucked by the repo man.

My Doctor's Bedside Financial Management Plan 

By Tracy Farr

The end of a doctor's hospitality
Begins the moment you don't pay his fee.

Light Verse Tuesday

Light verse, as opposed to "real poetry," used to be much more popular than it is today. A man could dash off a few lines of light verse, mail it off to important magazines, and live quite comfortably on the fees he received.

Today, you can't pay anybody to publish a lick of the stuff.

But that won't stop me from indulging in my own little Light Verse Tuesday.

Hope you enjoy.

The Cultivated Epidermis

By Tracy Farr

It's hard to be a charmer
When you have a tan like a farmer.

Annie Birtres Grimsley 1914-2011

By Tracy Farr

We laid to rest our dear Grandma today.
Sent her off to heaven in her best dress today.
And we gathered,
and sang,
and celebrated her life;
Our beloved Grandma,
mother and wife.

And after the final words were said,
and after the final song was led,
we lingered together
a bit longer together
over heaping plates of barbecue and iced tea.
And to the last one of us we did all agree
that even though the meat was a tasty blessing,
it couldn't hold a candle
to Grandma's homemade Thanksgiving turkey and dressing.

We'll miss you Grandma.
Ninety-seven years went by too quick.

There's a Lady Bug on my Bell Pepper

By Tracy Farr

There's a Lady Bug on my Bell Pepper.
It looks like she feels right at home.
I hate that I have to evict her,
but it's time for my lunch,
and I relish the crunch
of a pepper completely homegrown.

Lady Bug on Pepper