Country-fried Haiku

Seeing that this is National Poetry Month, and seeing that I haven't written a single poem in honor of it, and seeing that this is the last day of the month to do so -- I did.

And here we go, several non-traditional Haikus that any country boy could write and any country girl would swoon over.

Or at least should.

Fresh-cut Bermuda
floats along the April breeze.
"Achoo!" goes the world.
The sun shines brightly
all across Texas because
Willie is eighty.
Squirrel in the road,
you best make a decision.
Go right, left or flat.

Sunshine on my shoulders

What a miserable week.

Rainy, stormy, cold, then warm-ish, then cold again.

But Friday, the sun came out, and I'll be honest with you, I declared a "No Work Today Friday" and spent as much of the day as I could outside, soaking in the D!

And then Saturday?

Just as pretty.

Mowed the grass, chopped down some brush, collected some turkey vulture feathers (which was much disapproved of by the womenfolk of the house), and watched a caterpillar take an afternoon stroll along the porch.


Acrobatic Cat

What a great day!