Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Вы для читать мой рассказ (Translation: Thank you for reading my story!)

Got a thrill the other day. Someone in the Ukraine read my story "A man can't be truly happy unless he has a truck to work on." Of course he had to translate my website into Russian, and who knows how accurate the translation was, but look how cool my site looks in Cyrillic. More cosmopolitan, I think.

Now for the scary part: Whoever went to the trouble to find my site and translate it into Russian is getting an up-close-and-personal look at life here in our God Bless United States ... through MY eyes!


Doesn't that just make you want to "duck and cover" under a school desk because you have this feeling that any minute now the Ruskies are going to start lobbing H-bombs our way in order to rid the world of its American infestation?

I do!

But, there is hope for us. Whoever read my story was reading about TRUCKS! And anybody on the face of the Earth who reads a story about trucks has got to be friend and not foe.

Trucks are universal. Trucks are understood throughout the galaxy as "the people's vehicle." Trucks bridge the gap between the mighty and the lowly.

If Jesus were alive today, he'd drive a truck.

So добро пожаловать (welcome), my Ukranian friend. May you live long and процветайте (prosper). And may можете вы всегда иметь грузовик в вашем гараже. (May you always have a truck in your garage!)

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