Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hungry Eaters

Well, this is my last poem for "Scary Poetry Month," and I hope you like it.

Hungry Eaters

By Tracy Farr

Tonight's the night that Hungry Eaters
Pose as little trick or treaters,
Dressed in sheets or pirate suits
To hide their hideous attributes.

Hungry Eaters have three eyes
And yellow teeth as sharp as knives.
Their mouths are three feet wide at least
So they can dine on wildebeests.

Their fur is brown, their eyes are green,
They have no ears that I have seen.
They walk around on leathered paws
That hide their deadly five-inch claws.

Hungry Eaters are quite small,
But that means not a thing at all
For Hungry Eaters eat a lot.
They'll eat ten times what you have got.

So if you're running low on treats
When Hungry Eaters come to feast,
There's just one thing for you to do:
Pray they don't come dine on you!

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