Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Cold

14 July 2011 UPDATE: Today I'm participating in Writing With Shelly's Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest. I wrote this one back in November when it was cold:

I'm Cold

By Tracy D. Farr

My feet are cold, my ears are cold,
My elbows, knees and nose are froze.
To sneeze would really not be nice.
I'd shatter into chunks of ice.

I originally posted this poem 13 July 2011

Little Sally Rode the Bus

By Tracy D. Farr

Little Sally rode
the bus
to school every morning
without fuss,
even though it
was bumpy,
and smelly,
and hot in the summer,
and cold in the winter,
because Josh,
who sat in seat 7,
was so cute,
and Little Sally was in love.

Thanks for reading my poems.

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  1. I'm Cold too -- loved it! You have a casual but "real" way with words in both poems.