Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's not about winning

A young friend of mine likes watching the Rangers, but has given up going to the games because every time he went, the Rangers lost.

I told him it's not about winning. It's about atmosphere. It's about sitting in the upper decks, eating a hotdog, and watching out for balls heading your way.

It's about summer nights in the park with several thousand other people watching men whack at a speeding ball with the hopes of knocking it out of the park.

It's about history, and patience, and believing in something that really doesn't change the world, but oh does it make the place just a little bit more enjoyable.

It's not about winning.

He looked at me, raised his young-man eyebrows which meant, "You've been smoking something a bit illegal, haven't ya?", and then we changed the subject.

For me, spring training can't come quick enough.

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