Friday, June 1, 2012


This is my new site. The old one just got too dusty and I needed a change.

Change is good.

Dust is bad.

But change can be scary. To yourself as well as others.

You don't really know how the change will affect your life. Will this be a good move, or bad?

Friends and coworkers don't understand why you NEED to change. They might feel threatened. Betrayed.

Loved ones are scared you've gone bonkers.

At times you think maybe you HAVE gone bonkers. What was I thinking? I had a routine. Security. A corner office.

But with change comes new opportunities. New goals. New dreams.

You can once again feel your heart beat in anticipation of a new day. You feel alive again.

Being alive is good!

     #     #     #

This is one of the first cartoons I drew when I started drawing again. It has some heavy cosmetic Photoshop surgery.

Need More Oil?

I have some early cartoons without facelifts or liposuction. I'll show them to you later.

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