Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary

It's hard to believe we've been married 37 years. Thirty-seven years of...

No, wait, it's only been 29. That's right, today it's been 29 years of married bliss to my beautiful wife Sharon.

No, wait, I mean Suzette.

Holy cow, I meant Susan. That's right, 29 years of bliss with Susan.

Well, maybe not exactly bliss.

Sometimes bliss. Sometimes, not so bliss.

What is bliss anyway? Say it enough times and it sounds like a French cheese.

Sharon, I mean Susan, loves French cheese.

No, wait a minute, she can't eat French cheese.

She likes the French language, but has a terrible accent.

French/Texan accent.

But I don't laugh at it because after 29 years you know what you can and shouldn't laugh at, and you know when to duck when you screw it up.

I'm proficient at ducking. I screw up a lot.

Oh well, Susan, it's been a wonderful ride. Roller Coaster ride, but a wonderful ride all the same.

It is "Susan", right?

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