Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Evel Knievel is still The Man!

Evel Knievel
Please raise your hand if you've ever heard of Seth Enslow. Raise them high. Nobody? Okay, how about Evel Knievel. Wow! The whole room.

And that, Mr. Seth Enslow, is your problem.

Enslow is an American stuntman who recently sailed his Harley-Davidson motorcycle 187 feet through the air with the greatest of ease, breaking the previous record set by Bubba Blackwell back in 1999. And it was Bubba who broke Evel Knievel's distance record, which had stood for 25 years.

But there's one thing that will keep Enslow and Blackwell from become household names:

Their names.

With a name like Evel Knievel, you just know you're going to see something spectacular. With Seth Enslow, I'm thinking I might call him to mow my yard. And Bubba? Plumbing, for sure.

Okay, so these two stuntmen jumped further than the man who gave birth to the spectacle, but they will never match his showmanship, his daring, his aura of being a maverick daredevil, willing to defy gravity and broken bones for the chance of doing something nobody had ever done before.

And they will never have their own wax replicas in Madame Tussauds.

Fly 185 feet on a motorcycle, in an almost-empty parking lot just for some media types? That would be Seth.

Fly over 14 buses in front of a world-wide audience that stopped what they were doing just to see the The Last Gladiator enter the arena to compete against destruction and win? That would be Evel!

Besides, Evel had his own Action Figure. And you can't get much greater than that!

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  1. There you go exposing me again. Well, I hope it was good for you, 'cause it was certainly good for me! ;-)