Monday, March 8, 2010

My conversation with Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan collectors card front
Yesterday morning I read a blog post by Chris Brogan where he talked about his passion for blogging. Toward the end of his post he wrote, "We need more blogs that can educate and inform and instruct..."

Well, Jiminy Cricket, after reading that, and being of the opinion that not everything has to have an underlining purpose of educating or swaying public opinion -- that there is value in just good old-fashioned entertainment for entertainment's sake -- I decided to engage Mr. Brogan in a little bit of tête-à-tête (which is French for "entrevista a solas.")

So, I bucked up my "I'm about to engage a Big Dog" nerves and sent him the following Tweet:

tracyfarr @chrisbrogan "We need more blogs that educate, inform, instruct..." Is that the only way to "make it" in blogging? By instructing?

And do you know what happened? Within moments, Chris "The Big Dog" Brogan sent me -- that's right, Me, Mr. Cellophane -- the following reply:

chrisbrogan @tracyfarr - not at all. Plenty of other ways. Heck, write me a blog post of the other ways to make it in blogging. : )

Oh hell. An assignment.

So, I went looking for the answers at Technorati, and here's what I found:

Out there in the Wild, Wild World of blogging, there are so many successful blogs that have absolutely NOTHING to do with instructing, that to even ask the question "Is that the only way of making it in blogging? By instructing?" is about as Pre-K as Pre-K can get.

I want my blankee now. It's time for nap nap.

So, I sent the following messages back to The Big Dog!

tracyfarr @chrisbrogan Doesn't matter if your blog is about marketing, politics, pop culture, porn or goats. The key to success is passion!

tracyfarr @chrisbrogan Thanks for the lesson! :-)

Haven't heard from Mr. Brogan since.
  (***Monday Morning Update: Just heard back from Chris. He left a great comment!***)

MORAL No. 1 -- Passion is the Key to Success.

MORAL No. 2 -- You mess with the Big Dogs, you're going to learn a lesson -- one way or the other!

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  1. Thanks Chris. Many, many things I do with my own website, and how I view my interactions with the people who stop by for a visit, are do to ideas that you have presented on your site. I especially enjoy your thoughts on outposts and building relationships. Even though I mostly write about nonsense stuff, I still try to implement those ideas, because it's the right thing to do. Keep up the great work!