Saturday, June 19, 2010

Housing market is looking better, unless you own a castle

Front Porch
News is out that the housing market may be stabilizing, which means if you're trying to sell a $75,000 home, you might just get it.

But if you're trying to get rid of a mansion, say a $12 million piece of prime real estate, well, the news doesn't look so good for you. Those luxury casas aren't doing so well, and sellers are dropping their prices like hot tamales.

I'd like to say that I felt sorry for those owners, but my Mother taught me lying earned you a one-way ticket to meet The Devil, and I've always preferred not to make his acquaintance.

If you gave me the option to live in either a 10-bedroom, seven-bath castle with a six-car garage and indoor-outdoor swimming pool, or a three-bedroom ranch style on an acre with a wrap-around porch, I'd take the ranch style without even pausing to blink.

What does anybody need with seven bathrooms anyway? Okay, you'd never have to fight for one, but then again you'd always be getting lost trying to remember where they all were. And 10 bedrooms? I guess it's okay if you have eight children, but most of the people who own 10 bedrooms have regular families just like you and me.

No, I prefer the comfort and intimacy of a smaller home, being able to sit on the couch in the living room and yell at someone to bring me the remote and know full well that they've heard me. Sure, I wouldn't mind a few more closets, but that just means I'd have to have more stuff to put in them.

My advice to those homeowners who have more house than sense is this:

Unload that monstrosity as quick as you can on some sucker who doesn't know what he's getting into, and buy yourself a home that you can really live in. If you can smell the hamburgers cooking from every room in the house, then you've done good.

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