Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saddle Sore 1,000 update

Just put my bike back into the shop. The chain is a bit loose, the sprocket is worn down, and I need new tires. Would hate to be somewhere in Missouri with a broken chain or flat tires!

And you know what would happen then? Some lady in a business suit driving a Lexus would drive by, offer me a ride, then tell me how she secretly dresses up in leather, hops on a Harley, and drives around town giving the locals an eyeful!

"Oh, and while your bike is in the shop, would you like to come to my place for awhile? I have a thing for bikers!"

"Uh, no ma'am, I better not. I'm on a diet."

Having to say no to a biker babe in leather would just ruin the whole ride.

Best to keep the chain and tires in good repair.

(Follow along as I ride 1,000 miles --

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