Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a Texas Ranger fan

I'm a born again Texas Ranger fan, which proves I'm a shallow human being that only jumps on the sports bandwagon when a winner is in town.

Sad, I know, but you're the same way, too, and don't even try to deny it. Of course, if you ARE a true blue Ranger fan, then I guess you CAN deny it, but I won't respect you in the morning.

Anyways, it takes a mature mind to appreciate a game like baseball. It's not for those who are channel switchers, or people who need constant oral or visual stimulation. I'm sure Wall Street financiers hate baseball.

No, it takes a mature mind to sit and watch practically nothing for hours and then get excited at extra innings where you can sit and watch a little more of practically nothing.

But I got excited about the Rangers winning the pennant for the first time, even though I have no idea what a pennant is, or how you're supposed to wear one.

And now they're off to the World Series, and even if they lose, they have still accomplished something that my grandpa would say is "a foolish waste of time enjoyed by rich boys who have no idea what it's like to milk cows, or eat potatoes for a week because that's all you got, or mow yards just to bring in a little money to provide food and shelter for the ones you love. It's just a game."

Yes, grandpa -- but oh what a game.

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  1. I usually love what you write, but here I must take exception. I am a Giants fan. But only because the Cubs are in Chicago.