Thursday, October 28, 2010

World Series, Game Two

Okay, so the Rangers lost 11-7 to the Giants in the opening game of the World Series. So what! At least they MADE it to the Series.

Yes, Cliff Lee had a bad night, probably the worst in his career. But so what! The Rangers are soaking in everything about the Fall Classic.

Alright, so they committed four errors and looked like little boys playing against the Big Dogs. So what! At least they're still playing in October, which is more than all the other teams can say.

Sadly, I tried to listen to Game One on an internet radio station since I have no television, but the station I chose didn't actually broadcast the game. Pre-game, yes. Actual game, no. But who cares? The Rangers are in the World Series and I can follow along the best I can and still bask in the joy that our Rangers are doing us proud.

The Rangers are in the World Series, and if they don't win a single game, I'll still be a Born-Again Ranger Fan!

(But guys, it sure would be nice to put one in the win category tonight. Can ya work on that for me? Thanks!)

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