Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's go green-ish

A lot of environmentally-conscience people are finally doing what they think is right in regards to conserving energy to save our planet.

Some of these fine folk have traded their gas-guzzling monster vehicles for compact cars, motorcycles, or their own two feet.. Others have hooked up their homes to solar panels and windmills. Still others only work a four-day week, hoping that’s the answer.

As for me, I’m going to do my part by eating off the same dish for the next month – or two.

I believe all of our energy problems come from the over-use of dishwashers. All that heating up of water, the spraying, the sudsing, the rinsing, more spraying, then the double rinsing and finally the drying cycle is bound to cost Americans billions over the years. So I say let’s do away with dishwashers and just eat off a single plate until there’s no more room to put fresh food because the dried-on stuff is too thick.

Better yet, forget about the plate and eat out of a bowl.

Eating straight from the bowl is a manly tradition our womenfolk have been trying to unlearn us for years. But I say us men are at the forefront of saving our planet (even if we had no intention to be) and we should stay strong, even though the criticism is loud and raucous.

Give us a spoon and we’ll eat right out of the bowl in order to save our energy. Cook us some eggs and we’ll eat it straight from the skillet because we care about our planet’s future. Pass us the milk and we’ll guzzle it right out of the jug, all for the welfare of our future grandchildren.

The future of our planet depends on visionaries – visionaries who don’t mind sacrificing for the well being of others. Are you that visionary? Will you join me and forego that which will take our planet to the brink of destruction? Will you unplug that dishwasher and stand tall in the face of criticism and possible regurgitation from family members who think you’re crazy?

What say you? I repeat – what say you?

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