Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hummingbirds Are Curious Things

On our recent trip to Colorado, I sat on the porch one day and took photographs of hummingbirds.

Boy are they fast.

Hummingbird don't fly away, fly away

Hummingbirds Are Curious Things

By Tracy D. Farr

Hummingbirds are curious things,
they’d rather hum instead of sing
or whistle, scream, shout and shriek
like humans do, and I believe
that if those hummers perservered
to sing a song, and let us hear,
it would not sound like rap or rock,
or country western, blues or pop,
but sound it would like angels singing,
rivers flowing, love birds winging
through the sky and out beyond
the flower grove, out way beyond
where you and I can ever hear
the songs they sing, but will not share.
Instead, they hum, they do not sing.
Which makes us think they're curious things.


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