Monday, August 15, 2011

Some of my Backyard Buddies

I so much wanted to do some more trail hiking these past few weeks (now that I have a hankering to do so), but this Summer 2011 Heatwave has kept me close to home -- and the air conditioner.

Instead, I've been venturing out to the shady front porch to see just what kinds of critters I can see.

And here are a few of my backyard buddies:

Listen to the Mockingbird

This Mockingbird dive-bombed our cat, probably because the cat was after one of its chicks. Hit him right in the belly, he did, but the cat still had his breakfast.

My little Chickadee

W.C. Fields would always say, "Ah, yes. My little Chickadee," but I don't think he was talking about the birds.

Baby Cardinal

I tried to get a photo of the Momma Cardinal, but she was too wary of my lens. The baby Cardinal on the other hand didn't have a clue.

Tufted Titmouse

I just like saying "Tufted Titmouse." It sounds so naughty.

The Flying Dragon

Okay, so Dragonflies are not birds, but they fly around my backyard and that makes them one of my buddies -- a buddy I'd never have over for a beer, but a buddy just the same.

Shared with World Bird Wednesday.


  1. Great photos of your beautiful birds and a very fun post , which made me laugh :))

    Have a nice day!