Thursday, October 27, 2011

Witches deserve their own poems

Okay, here's another poem, about another witch, in celebration of Scary Poetry Month, even though my poems haven't been all that scary.

The Witch by the Bay

By Tracy Farr

There’s a witch by the bay casting spells at the fish.
See them dance in the air, watch them spin and then twist
just like young ballerinas leaping high, to and fro.
A ballet on silvery toes.

And the witch dances, too, with incredible grace.
Watch her sway, pirouette and then leap into space.
How her feet never seem to alight on the sand
is a mystery I don’t understand.

Then the witch swings her arms and the fish disappear,
and she turns in a flash, for she knows I am near.
In a blaze she is gone, and to my dying day,
I’ll remember the witch by the bay.

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